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I have discovered the joy in bringing a meaningful approach through coaching, I am passionate and love when I see the growth in individuals and/or their teams, helping them work out WHO they are before the discovery journey of their WHY.
I have spent my career working with people, building teams and systems for the teams to operate in successfully; over the past 40 years I have learned a lot about people. Reading people is a skill, the rhythm of thoughts, actions and body language all speak the subtext of any spoken language, the art in my coaching is in the ability to read this and focus on what to draw out, what to build and what is positive.

My motivation comes from wanting to help people reach their full potential. There is a central thread that binds together everything I do. I build capability individually or collectively and I bring clarity to thoughts.

My experience from an on the ground worker to senior executive has afforded me the opportunities to work with people and understand what makes some people successful and others not so.

My approach to coaching is essentially solutions based; I work with clients to unlock their authentic leadership, who they are, by using the power of their unique experience, perspective and individual style to achieve their goals. I believe that everyone is made up of stories,

“How we use our stories can be very powerful as we become the stories we tell others about ourselves”

As a highly experienced Coach, Risk Manager and Leadership developer, I can help you by:

  • Providing expert coaching
  • Facilitating you and your staff in team building and strategic thinking
  • Auditing aged care residential, community, NDIS and risk management systems
  • Providing risk management advice and coaching

My qualifications include academic qualifications to masters level in health related subjects, post graduate in organisational and executive coaching and I am fully accredited as:

  • Facilitator in Team Management Systems
  • Auditor in ISO 9001: 2015 quality management systems

My key professional interests include culture (particularly at service delivery level), patient Resident and client safety, team building, individual development, resilience, the use of networks to spread culture and innovation, authentic leadership, and effective workplace communication.

My commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of people and organisations is built on achievements in the areas of performance, safety and quality, innovation, leadership and culture.

My approach is to:

  • Unlock the potential of the team by building coherence and interdependence.
  • Understand who you are as a leader, leadership practice and behavioural outcomes.
  • Challenge current thinking.
  • Enable you to Identify and build on strengths; and develops support for growth areas within the team.
  • Builds a culture of excellence based on continuous improvement and reflection for team members and leaders.
  • Coach team members to develop skills for managing change at individual, team and organisational levels

“Continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential"

- Winston Churchill

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