Specialist Leadership Coach in

Health and Aged Care

Specialist Leadership Coach in

Health and Aged Care

Australia’s healthcare sector is one of the largest employers in Australia and is predicted to grow faster than the average for all occupations.

The health service is forecast to continue to grow strongly over the next decade, this is in part due to the aging population and the increasing prevalence of many chronic diseases. Having a consumer perspective is the most seismic change in the philosophy of healthcare delivery; This and the many developments in technology and digital platforms will require specific skills to operate in this environment.

Yet, how to lead and manage people will remain the number one skill to get things done in the right way, by the right people, for the right people.

 The Leadership Place is where you will find specialised leadership training and coaching in Health and Aged Care. Allison assist’s people who are searching for a better way to lead and manage, who are smart people and have great ideas, but need guidance to put to their thoughts and build confidence to execute the things they are passionate about, and want to succeed in.

The Specialised leadership training in Health and Aged Care will enable you to gain insight into who you are, what you stand for and what drives you to become a better, more focused leader.

Defining who you are and what strengths you bring as a leader is pivotal to your success as a leader, because in turn, as a manager and leader you are pivotal to the success of building your staff into the best versions of themselves they can be.

The leadership training carries a satisfaction guarantee. 

In short…

I show managers how to achieve the highest level of leadership by training, coaching and mentoring to become impactful.

Aged Care

Aged Care is a complex and demanding work environment, with many changes constantly flushing through the system. In the past the rules said you must work this way; Now the rules say the resident is absolutely at the centre of everything you do, this signifies a huge change in philosophy and a mind shift you will need to undertake to make things work.

Working in Aged Care is not easy and there is a belief amongst hospital staff that if you manage in residential aged care, you have taken an easy option. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a public lens on aged care, and quite rightly so, and this makes leading and managing in aged care all the more complex. Most managers want to do their best, they care about their residents and employees, yet at times feel overwhelmed with the demands in aged care and feel that managing people consumes them, and from time to time, in reality it will. Specialist leadership training and coaching is essential for leaders and manager to discover from an expert how to engage your people and deliver great results, why wait to figure it out for yourself?


Healthcare is a dynamic and fast paced environment that requires leadership and management skills to match. Not only are you required to have advanced clinical decision making and reasoning skills, you are also expected to possess the leadership nous to manage a team, work closely with medical and allied health staff and provide context and answers for the consumer and their representatives.

Change is ever present to keep pace with technological advancements and consumer demands. The flexibility offered to staff often stops when you are promoted and become a leader manager, as does the structure support you need to do your job well. As leader manager you must guide your staff to bring about great outcomes for patients/consumers however this can only be realised when staff understand their core purpose. It is your job to bring that clarity to their purpose. Learn how to direct your energy and manage your time more effectively.

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can be the best leader manager in the area you work.

Specialist leadership training and coaching is essential for leaders and manager to discover from an expert how to engage people and deliver great results by implementing simple and proven strategies.

Allison’s words of advice and support were very valuable, and I appreciate the way she made me feel about my leadership style. I felt validated in my actions.

Kirsten Carr

Theatre Manager

The information provided in this book will give anyone working within aged care all the tools for the job. Understanding your people is not an easy task, but this book supplies practical steps for supporting staff in providing excellent care within this complex healthcare setting. I think all the ‘Julies’ out there will benefit from the information provided.

Faye Powell

Nurse Manager

Allison’s work is underpinned by

3 core values

See More

Notice More, be more aware of what surrounds you

Are people doing a great job or do they need your assistance in some way?

Leadership leads to Leverage

Say More

Be open, direct, and positive in how you guide and develop others

Clarity brings Focus

Do More

Stop by and see how others are doing. Ask is there anything I can do for you or make your job clearer, more enjoyable

Enhance the Things that Matter

I have attended many conferences, but there was one presentation that stood out; not only for content but how it was dealt with it.  It was the presentation on the Royal commission.  I thought it would be a dry, boring rendition on proceedings.  But Allison told the story and shared the experiences of the couple whose tragedy triggered the investigation, it really brought out the genuine desire to bring heart and soul into our profession.

Alan Cooper, CEO

I loved working with Allison, and I believe her book will be game changing in the aged care sector. Her knowledge, kindness and passion are evident in every page

Brook Lyons, Editor

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