Risk Management

Risk Management

Health is complex and inherently risky.

By driving an understanding of Risk Appetite deep into your organisation’s DNA, you will find that staff will be spending more time on creating value, and spending less time dealing with the consequences of poor decisions and behavour.

Your workforce can learn to adapt their decision making to defined boundaries if they fully understand the Risk Appetite of the organisation.

Risk Appetite...

What is that?

A Risk Appetite statement should guide you to act or not act, when trying to achieve yours or your organisations goals. A risk appetite statement should be relevant to the decisions you make and how you make them, and must be closely associate with the business or operational plans of your organisation. It should be expressed in plain terms so that your staff understand how to implement.

The Leadership Place help organisations to manage their risk and complexity including clinical governance, assisting people having to do more with less, shifting mindsets and culture from risk being a compliance activity, from a tick box exercise to one that provides comfort to the board or upper management to a point where risk management is to provide a real insight to management and staff where resources need to go.

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“All of life is the management of risk, not its elimination”

- Walter Wriston

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