Authentic Leadership Coaching

Through Authentic Leadership Coaching I focus on working with you to find out who you are, your stories and your reason for leading. Our work may focus on building your story, growing self awareness, building your capability for leading self and others.


Finding YOU, the Authentic Leader

Discover your Authentic Leadership, Learn from YOUR life story, practice your values and principles, build your support team and learn how to empower those around you.

It is important as the leader you find your Authentic Leadership before you embark on leading your team.


Leading Authentic Teams

As an Authentic Leader, you will explore conditions that will enable your team to develop. Facets of the team approach to Authentic Leadership is to demonstrate appropriate vulnerability, living your own and the organisations values, allowing a safe space for honest feedback and as Leader, learning to be a coach for your team.

There are tools and a plan to guide through this journey of self-discovery for YOU as the Authentic Leader and for you to lead an authentic team.

The Leadership Place’s (TLP) Authentic Leadership Framework is based on the work by many great writers including Stephen Covey and Bill George. The materials, tools and activities are all provided to you to enable your authentic leadership growth.

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